Introducing: Hitchy

by Thomas Urban

Several months before cepharum has started transition on developing online applications to replace PHP as a major server-side technique with Javascript. Due to this transition we've strongly reduced efforts on developing our PHP-based framework txf before. After several projects created with different Javascript-based frameworks we recently started to create our own: Hitchy. This post was written on the occasion of having finished a full revision of this new framework's strongly extensible and efficient core.

In opposition to previously tested frameworks such as Sails.js the core of Hitchy is designed to focus on establishing a scalable infrastructure for extensions to come, only, rather than including composition of many different features that might be left unused in applications eventually. The now finished revision mostly regarded to the core's request routing support. It is now ready for production by supporting highly flexible routing setups.

Hitchy relies on recent features of Javascript complying with ES6 syntax in many situations for improved code readability. Its stability and scalability is built with promises, small stack frames and performance-optimized code patterns.

Next we will add some first extensions commonly required in applications such as support for data models with storage backends (focusing on LevelDB at first), authentication, notification backends, real-time client-server interaction, clustering of Hitchy instances, client-side application development with Vue.js and more. Stay tuned!

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